October 2013, goat TSE information: new and old.

Check the tabs: NEWS brings short stories of our work and experiences in the field, PROJECT contains documents concerning project structure and plans, PUBLICATIONS contains articles from and in relation to the project, posters and presentations, PARTNERS exhibits as much as possible people involved in it. CONTACTS, you may wish to contact us about issues, then you just write the administrator and even a call is welcome.

GoatBSE has information about how the research from 2003-2012 that showed the way to choose for the 222K allele as a reliable target for goat breeding towards scrapie resistance.

At the right column under National Work Documents you find basic information, that directly concerns the goat holders and policy makers about involving goat sector in participating countries to generate a reservoir of scrapie resistance allele carriers while recording production trait information. Click on the flags for your country (if it is participating/contributing).