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Written by Jan Langeveld. Posted in NWD-Cyprus

Γεια σου. Cyprus is participating in this project by contributing with their nationally and EU-supported experience in veterinary field and research for eradicating scrapie in their herds and flocks. Our kick-off meeting has been held in Larnaca, Cyprus on 22nd of September 2012.

From left to right: Soteria Georgiadou (CVS-Cyprus), Evridiki Boukouvala (NAGREF-Greece), Penelope Stylianou (CVS-Cyprus), Loukia Ekateriniadou (NAGREF-Greece), Eirini Kanata (CERTH-INA, Greece), Angel Ortiz Pelaez (AHVLA-United Kingdom), PierLuigi Acutis (IZSTO-Italy), Otto Windl (AHVLA-United Kingdom), Romolo Nonno (ISS, Italy), Jan Langeveld (CVI-WageningenUR, Netherlands), Chrsitine Fast-Hoffmann (FLI-INEID, Germany), Juan Maria Torres (INIA-Spain), Cristina Acin (UNIZAR-Spain), Frederic Lantier (INRA-Tours, France), Alex Bossers (CVI-WageningenUR, Netherlands), Olivier Andréoletti (INRA-ENVT, France), Michele Di Bari (ISS-Italy).